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When we get a new litter of puppies, we see how small and weak they are, when they come into this world they can fit in your palm. Blind with tiny faces they only by the smell of their mother crawl with their small paws to her, then they touch her warm chest and fed themselves asleep while waiting for the new challenges of life ...It takes weeks and months. All puppies, finds themselves owners and new homes. Sometimes, Lithuania, sometimes very far away from Lithuania ....

starsOn October 17th 2017, we received litter .

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Maratėja Nuga & Milbu Twister to Nenuoramos

A-litter born 2013-02-19

Kaip gera pasišildyti prie židinio ......

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Kasiopeja Selene & Tonitto Nenuoramos

L-litter born 2012-07-20

I am Lonara. Let me tell 2012 L litter adventures ......

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Kasiopėja Selene & Tonitto Nenuoramos

M-litter born 2011-04-20

Mom, I found the cave of the meadow, can I explore it?......

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