Golden Retrievers

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Kennel "NUGA" started in 2004 when we got a small puppy. When considering how to call it, which brought together some appealing names, we wrote the names on slips of paper, and gave her to choose.She took the slip and caused the name Jara.

A year later, in 2005, we have purchased a farm in Kaunas region. We wanted to have more pets, therefore we brought home Golden Retrievers breed female Kasiopeja Selene. We became interested in dog shows, and tried to participate ourselves, we have received excellent evaluations.

 In 2007, we received the first litter Kasiopeja, and registered kennel "NUGA".

  Living in a farm there we needed not only companion, but also the watchdog. We quite a while looked for a suitable dog breed, and we selected the Bernese Mountain Dog. Before 2007, Christmas at our house already lived 2 months Tera Santaikos Fortuna.

Also grow ourselves bitch Marateja Nuga from our Kasiopeja 4th litter.


For our dogs we created perfect conditions to grow and evolve naturally. They have the opportunity to run at large area, swimming pond and a lot of contact with their owners. We are glad having such great friends and being able to supply other people with our beautiful and healthy puppies. If you’re looking for a playful, friendly and loyal friend – you came right there where you need! We are  “Nuga” – Golden Retrievers kennel in Lithuania.